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Auto Diagnostics in Kennewick, WACar trouble can present in many different ways, and it's not always obvious that there is actually trouble aboard. When your car is facing a problem you may experience a decrease in fuel efficiency, notice difficult acceleration, or even have trouble getting the car started. When confronted with car trouble it is important to act fast, before it gets worse. If you suspect that something is amiss with your ride, come see the team at Charlie's Automotive for superior automotive diagnostics in Kennewick. We combine the latest technology with our decades of experience to ensure we pinpoint the trouble correctly the first time! Give us a call to make an appointment and let's restore your vehicle to a safe and reliable condition!

Check Engine Light Diagnostics

One of the most common symptoms of car trouble is the illumination of the check engine light. Don't ignore the light if it comes on! Most check engine light issues will begin fairly small, but if left unchecked, they'll end up costing you big time. Come see us immediately following the illumination of the light so we can complete thorough diagnostics and check engine light repair in Kennewick.

Dashboard Indicators

Aside from the check engine light there are several other lights that may come on if trouble is present. A few of the most common include the BAT light, for the battery and charging system, the ABS light, which can indicate brake trouble and the TPMS light, which looks a bit like a referee signaling a touchdown, which means tire pressure is low in at least one tire. If any of these lights, or another, come on, head to Charlie's for expert computer diagnostics.

Top Signs of Car Trouble

Aside from dashboard indicator lights, there are plenty of ways to tell that your vehicle is in need of professional auto repair service. If you experience any of the following signs of car trouble be sure to visit Charlie's Automotive as soon as possible.

  • Vibrations - Many car problems can be detected by vibrations. A few of the most common are exhaust leaks, warped brake rotors and steering issues.
  • Sounds - If you hear any strange noises while driving, it'd be wise to visit us. Grinding, whining, squealing, clicking or knocking are all sounds of car trouble.
  • Smells - There are several problems that can create strange odors in or around the vehicle. For example, a worn out clutch may result in a burning smell.
  • Leaks - Your vehicle relies on several specialized fluids to operate, including engine oil, transmission fluid and coolant, and none of them should ever leak from your car. If you spot a drip, head to Charlie's right away.
  • Performance Decrease - General decreases in performance, such as poor fuel efficiency, lack of power, or hard starting are obvious indicators of an onboard problem.

Top Signs of Car TroubleWhen you experience symptoms of car trouble it is important to act fast. Putting off repairs will only allow problems to grow worse -- and more expensive to fix. If you believe your car is having issues, call to Charlie's Automotive at (509) 260-9356 to schedule professional auto diagnostics in Kennewick. We strive to provide the fastest, most highly skilled auto repair in the Tri-Cities.

"Let me tell you folks, if you're having problems with your car, this is the shop to take it to! Charlie, Mike, David, and the rest of the crew know what they're doing. They're honest, trustworthy, reliable and have a clean shop. My 98 Cherokee would turn over but not start and they had it diagnosed and fixed in less than a day! They get to the heart of the problem, fix only what needs to be repaired, and best of all, they don't overcharge you like the dealer will. Thanks for the great work guys! You have a customer for life."

"My family has dealt with Charlie's automotive for over 15 years and i can say they are honest repare service people. They only fix what needs to be fixed and at resonable prices for parts and labor.I personally would recommend have your vehcile work on by Charlie's automotive. They have been in the tri cites for over 25 years."
"Charlie's has become my go to shop for good honest diagnoses of automotive issues and repair. Great customer service!"


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