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Auto Maintenance in Kennewick, WA and Surrounding Communities

Auto Maintenance in Kennewick, WASince the dawn of the automobile, auto maintenance has been an integral aspect of maximizing life and performance of a vehicle. So whether you drive a car from 1970 or 2020, it's going to require auto maintenance if you want it to run well for years to come. At Charlie's Automotive we offer dealership alternative auto maintenance in Kennewick for all makes and models, and all services are backed by a nationwide NAPA warranty. When it's time for factory maintenance, visit our ASE certified technicians for quality car care, including all of the following services.

30/60/90K Service

Most cars and trucks require automotive check ups every 30,000 miles. During these appointments, which are done to help keep your vehicle running strong and maintain any existing warranty, your vehicle will undergo a variety of services. This may include inspecting and replacing worn parts, installing new filters, topping off fluids and running diagnostics to check for any existing trouble.

Belts & Hoses

It's important to have regular belt and hose inspections. The rubber parts tend to wear out, so replacing them proactively will prevent trouble under the hood. Charlie's also provides timing belt replacement, which is critical to complete when the time comes so the belt doesn't snap and damage the engine. Check your owner's manual to see when your vehicle is due.

Fluid Flush Service

We offer complete fluid services. When it is time for a brake fluid flush, cooling system flush, transmission fluid flush, differential flush or power steering fluid flush, come by Charlie's Automotive. These services are essential if you want your car to remain safe and reliable.

Oil Change

The most frequent service that nearly any vehicle will require is an oil change. Oil changes ensure that the engine is properly lubricated to prevent harsh metal on metal friction that can damage moving parts. Most vehicles will require this service every 3,000 to 5,000 miles.

Tune Up

Automotive Tune Up Service in Kennewick, WAWhen your vehicle just isn't running right, it's time to schedule a tune up with Charlie's Automotive. Tune ups consist of minor services that are often done between scheduled maintenance to restore power and fuel efficiency. This may include replacing spark plugs, installing a new air filter or fuel filter or cleaning the PCV valve.

As your source for complete auto maintenance in Kennewick, Charlie's Automotive is a one stop shop. From minor services to major car care, we do it all. Give us a call at (509) 260-9356 to request an appointment or to learn more about how we can help your vehicle thrive.

"Two areas of quality I should address;

CRAFTSMANSHIP - My Subaru Legacy was ready for standard maintenance on a new timing belt and water pump. Now that it's been 500 miles post-service, the car is running great. It even idles better when I start the car cold. The mechanic went so far as to leave my engine compartment cleaner than he found it.

CUSTOMER SERVICE - I was quoted a price on the timing belt that was better than the dealership, yet retained a comparable workmanship guarantee. The mechanic also confirmed what the dealership had told me about my power steering fluid needing to be flushed. Again, beating the dealerships price they performed that maintenance as well.

Dad drives American, I drive Japanese. Looks like we'll both be headed back to Charlie's for the next round."


"Charlie's has become my go to shop for good honest diagnoses of automotive issues and repair. Great customer service!"

"They take very good care of me."


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